voice coaching

I am inviting you to connect to your inner emotions through your voice.

Through making sound, through singing, through playing and through exploring all the emotional layers, that might have remained hidden for such a long time.

Your voice helps you to communicate with others and with yourself. 
You will be amazed to find how much freedom your voice can gain if you give it true attention and care.
You will be even more amazed to see how much this can influence your whole life.

Together we can discover your unique voice, step by step.

“My voice coachings are there for everyone. These coachings are not just voice lessons, but work on a holistic level.
They are there for everyone that is open to discovering new layers of emotional expression. I will create a safe space for you to open up and free your instrument. Your unique instrument in all its form and colour. This is not about becoming a better singer. This is about setting that beautiful voice of yours free! No previous experience needed.”
– Iris

1-1 coachings online or in in person in Fürth, Germany.